If you are looking for independent, objective financial planning and advice -- without account minimums or conflicts of interest -- you have come to the right place.  As you will see from visiting our site, we are a different type of financial services firm. We think you will find our philosophies and vision to be both refreshing and compelling.  As an hourly, Fee-Only financial planning firm, our professional, independent advice is available to all clients who wish to focus on the financial aspects of their life goals, and is not just limited to the affluent.
Because your life, the financial landscape, and market conditions are always changing, the content of our site will be ever changing.  Please visit us often to use the Problem Solver calculators, get Stock Quotes and Market Data, visit recommended Web Resource links and read our latest thoughts under the Client Update section.
                 Montani Semper Liberi - Mountaineers are Always Free
  • Provide timely information on the markets, investments and financial planning.
  • Enhance communication with existing clients.
  • Provide introductory information to potentially new clients.
  • Build relationships with strategically allied business partners.
  • Serve as a financial knowledge resource for both our local community and the global community.
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